Catrina.20 Years Old.California. Water Tribe.

I like video games, movies, shows, comics, naps, cream puffs, makeup, food, and a good book. I try to make the best of who I am, even though I haven't got it all figured out. I believe in good people.

♥The sweetest boy in the universe♥
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When you joke about something in a video game and it actually fucking happens


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So I was writing a small paper in Microsoft Word and the program suddenly crashed (I saved a couple minutes before, thank god) and I get this message in the corner of my screen two seconds afterward


what the fuck


Y O U   C A N   F E E L   N I N T E N D O ’ S   A N G E R

I need to start packing up my things and fitting as much of it as I can into my car but I also wanna nap 


Opalite Pendant necklace 



FUCK nintendo (opens my wallet) i CANNOT believe they’re selling this shit (pulls out $150) an entirely new fucking console that’s exactly like the old one (gives money to cashier) all it is is a new fucking button the 3ds doesnt have (goes home with my new 3ds ll) this is fucking bullshit god damn it (buys and plays all the games that come out for it) fuck nintendo


group of teens and their dog stop creepy monsters from wreaking havoc: am I talking about Inuyasha or Scooby Doo




"you complain but you’re all going to buy it anyways"

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