Catrina.20 Years Old.California. Water Tribe.

I like video games, movies, shows, comics, naps, cream puffs, makeup, food, and a good book. I try to make the best of who I am, even though I haven't got it all figured out. I believe in good people.

♥The sweetest boy in the universe♥


Two photos of my cosplays taken a little bit more than a year apart, one in Germany and another one in China. That’s what happens when you like characters who show similar traits :D 

More cosplay on our cosplay tag :3

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hey everyone welcome to my lets play of 2048 and this episode I’ll be throwing this piece of shit computer into the fucking ocean

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Masaaki Yuasa Directs Adventure Time Episode

All of you are wonderful and adorable and I want to hug you all 

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I’m still eating chocolate so it’s still easter okay shush

lmao this probably looks terrible my screen is weird right now I’d better check it on another pc at some point oops………

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If you’re still alive my regrets are few
If my life is mine what shouldn’t I do?

1970’s interiors, Verner Panton

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